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"Studio Precise is a company that hold a decade of combined experience in working on the BIM and CAD specializes in outsourcing Shop Drawings, Architectural and Interior Design Documentation Services. Our team of Architects & Interior Designers offers various services, including 2D drafting (Millwork, Stone, Tile, Casework, Interior design documentation, Architecture design documentation, and as-built drawings) and 3D visualization (modeling & rendering). With expertise in construction, interiors, and engineering, we provide quick and cost-effective solutions to handle your overflow of work. Our efficient services save both money and time, thanks to our well-coordinated teams and proven methods."


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At Studio Precise, our commitment to design and drafting excellence is demonstrated through our cutting-edge practices and skilled team. Our professionals, equipped with the latest technology, are dedicated to delivering precise and innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific drafting and design requirements. Whether it's architectural drawings, intricate designs, or creative concepts, our team's expertise ensures that your vision is not only met but exceeded.


Who We Are?

Studio Precise, based in New Delhi, has worldwide outsourcing experience offering specialized services in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare, and institutional sectors. Their skilled team of architects, interior designers, and drafters is committed to ensuring client satisfaction. Studio Precise stands out in the competitive architectural and design landscape by prioritizing reliability and excellence in delivering high-quality services.

Meet Our Team

Studio Precise is defined by its exceptionally talented and dynamic team of young professionals. Each member of this team is characterized by a strong drive and enthusiasm to showcase their expertise in the fields of drafting and design documentation. These individuals are not only highly skilled but also possess a keen desire to demonstrate their capabilities, making them valuable contributors to Studio Precise's commitment to precision and excellence in their craft.


Rajesh Kumar

Founder & CEO


Rohit Kumar



Kalim Jamal

Project Manager


Nandita Sharma

Project Manager


Jasmine Sharma

Business Development

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At Studio Precise, we take pride in being at the forefront of design and drafting excellence. With a team of highly skilled professionals.

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Our Values

At Studio Precise, our foundation is built on enduring values that shape every project, ensuring excellence and client satisfaction.


Studio Precise is dedicated to delivering top-notch drafting and documentation excellence in every project, maintaining high standards of quality and craftsmanship.


Trust is the foundation of our client relationships. Studio Precise stands as a reliable partner, consistently delivering on promises with unwavering dependability.


Ethical practices define us. Studio Precise operates with transparency, honesty, and integrity, fostering a culture of trust in every interaction and decision.


We take pride in our work at Studio Precise. Our drafting services contribute to visionary designs, reflecting our passion and dedication.

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Studio Precise is a leading company that focuses on Drafting, Interior & Architecture Documentation and BIM consulting services. The firm's dedication to precision and innovation makes it a trusted leader for clients looking for detailed drafting guidance and advanced BIM support.

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